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At Swansea Rd Clinic ,we believe that as a young person , you deserve your own web page as it’s a special time in your life. We have Doctors and Nurses that can talk to you about some of the following things, and we also have some resources about these topics that you can take away and read.   

Family & Friends

Having someone to talk to is so important. A close friend or family member who can genuinely listen to you & take your feelings seriously can really help.  On the other hand problems with friends or family can cause a great deal of stress. Privacy may be assisted by having your own medicare card.

www.reachout.com.au         www.kidshelp.com.au        www.burstingthebubble.com


Enjoyment & success in school/work can have a very positive effect on your life . Do you have a goal to work towards or are you confused or concerned about your school performance & future educational prospects?  Are there difficulties at school/work? Are you able to get a job? Are you studying & need financial assistance?

www.medicareaustralia.gov.au can assist if you want to organise your own medicare card


Eating & Exercise

Do you have a diet that includes fruit vegetables & dairy products every day? Are you concerned about your weight & if so how do you go about controlling  your weight? (eg. laxatives, vomitting or starving yourself)

Effective exercise requires an activity that makes you sweat & breathe hard for 20 minutes at least 3 or 4 times a week. Do you participate in sporting activities or are there difficulties in achieving this.


Smoking , Drugs & Alcohol

Do you, your friends or family smoke cigarettes/cigars? Do you or your friends use marijuana or other drugs, or sniff inhalants? Do you use non-prescription drugs (bought at a store without a doctors prescription) to get to sleep or to alter your mood? Do you use steroid pills without a doctor telling you to?

Have you or your friends got drunk on beer, wine or other alcohol & has it caused trouble for you. Have you driven a car / motor vehicle after drinking or taking drugs or been in a car /motor vehicle when someone else has? Do any of your family drink or take drugs so much that it worries you?

www.druginfo.adf.org.au       www.counsellingonline.org.au (Turning Point Alcohol & Drug Centre)


Development & Sex

Concerns about the size & shape of your or your physical appearance can be difficult for you. Do you have concerns about your sexual identity ?

Have you had sex & do you use a method to prevent pregnancy? Are condoms used? Have you been pressured into sex or had sex when you did not want to? Have you ever been diagnosed with a sexually transmitted infection? have you ever been pregnant or gotten someone pregnant?

www.fpa.net.au        www.mshc.org.au         www.sexlife.net.au (The Action Centre for Young People) (Sexual Health Centre)www.fpv.org.au

How do you feel?

Have you been having a good time lately or is there something you worry about or fear? Do you find it hard to cope with all your worries? Do you feel anxious or nervous in situations you have not faced before? Do you suddenly panic.

Have you felt down or sad recently? Do you feel there is nothing to look forward to? Has it made you feel so bad that you have had thoughts about dying or hurting yourself? When you get angry do you do violent things?

www.lifeline.org.au (24/7)       www.suicideline.org.au  (24/7)   www.youthbeyondblue.com

FOR HELP ONLINE  http://cybersmart.gov.au

Personal Safety

Bullying, physical fighting, being afraid of a family member or partner are problems that create safety issues. Driving safety; speeding or using mobile phones whilst driving, not wearing a seatbelt are dangerous activities as is skateboarding, bike riding etc without a helmet etc

www.yrys.com   The National Domestic Violence Helpline ph: 1800 200 526

Business Achiever Award


This Business Achiever Award was given for Health Services in the Yarra Ranges Region



Swansea Rd clinic was reaccredited by AGPAL (Australian General Practice Accreditation Limited for the 6th time in March 2015 – more info available at www.agpal.com.au.

Prime Ministers Encouragement award

The Asthma clinics operating at Swansea Rd Clinic in co-operation with the Whitehorse Division of General Practice won the 2007 Prime Ministers Encouragement award for Excellence in Business Partnerships (Victoria Medium Business).


ERGPA (Eastern Ranges General Practice Association) awarded Practice Manager of the Year 2009 toJenny Yeo